About Company

UAB "Ula Jewelry studio" is the successor of traditions and experience of the oldest jewelry factory in Lithuania "Ula". UAB "Ula Jewelry studio" is pleased to be a social enterprise. Currently, the employees with disabilities are majority among all the employees in the enterprise.


Manufacture and layout of badges, medals, business and other gifts, service marks, state order, buttons, plakets, other small sized metal products. Manufacture of jewellery, mainly serial products of precious metals, brass, bronze, amber, semi precious and precious stones. Also use melchior, aluminum, bronze, copper.

Variety of choices

Production of UAB "Ula Jewelry studio" is best known for it's simplicity and practicality of original shapes, variety of ornamentation, constructivism. Semi-precious stones, especially amber are used unusually seeking original, but at the same time practical solutions that meet highest expectations of our customers.

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