• What services do you provide?

    Manufacture and layout of badges, medals, business and other gifts, service marks, state order, buttons, plakets, other metal products. Manufacture of jewellery, mainly serial products. Stamping. Casting of precious metals, brass, bronze. Engraving. Coating with jewelry enamels. Golding, silvering, nickel-plating, variation and other.

  • What is the price of the product?

    The price of the product depends on the following:

    • Edition. The higher the volume of the order - the lower the price of 1 unit;
    • Selected equipment, i.e. whether a pattern will be used for casting or matrix and/poanson for stamping;
    • Product complexity (shapes, terrain 2D or 3D and other);
    • Selected metal, material - what metal will be used: brass, melchior, silver, gold or other;
    • Coating of the article – whether the product is intended to be silvering or golding;
    • Selected decorations of the article – clasp, stones (rubies, emeralds, diamonds, rhinestones, etc.), enamel – jewelry enamel, cold enamel, simple paint, etc.;
    • Packaging of the article.
  • From which metals do you make medals, badges, gifts and other products?

    The main metals we work with are brass, melchior, aluminum, silver. We also produce from bronze, copper, gold.

  • How long does it take to complete the order?

    The time limit for manufacture depends on the quantity of units ordered and the complexity of the article. Normally, we complete the order within 2-4 weeks, excluding delivery time. However, we invite you to contact us directly and check, as a faster booking deadline can be negotiated if necessary.

  • What are the product packaging options?

    Packaging is possible standard, i.e. bags of plastic or paper; boxes of paper, plastic. It is also possible to make an individual packaging of the product, designed and made specifically for your product of wood, glass, artificial or natural leather, etc.

  • Do you create a product design?

    We offer all design services. Project managers, technicians and designers work closely together to ensure unique implementation and smooth execution of the idea.

  • Where can I get more information?

    If you need more information about our services or you want to consult us regarding your order, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly via e-mail info@vilnele.lt or justina@vilnele.lt or call us 00370 61002781 (Lithuania).

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