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UAB Plastmasės fabrikas

We would like to thank „Ūlos juvelyrų studija“ and its manager Stasys Rudminas for their long-term friendship and sincere cooperation. „Ūlos juvelyrų studija“ is a great team of creative, active and responsible people who are constantly improving and reaching new heights. We are happy to work together because by entrusting them with our ideas, we are sure that we will get only the best result!

We recommend „Ūlos juvelyrų studija“ as a reliable partner, because here you will find many years of experience, sincere communication, infinite creativity, fast and high-quality performance of works at a fair price. They are real professionals in their field, and finding such nowadays is getting harder and harder!

Eglė Nosevičienė 
Commercial Director

VšĮ Gedimino sapnas

We would like to thank „Ūla juvelyrų studija“ for the full support provided to the football club „Geležinis vilkas“. We are very pleased with our choice, because the company does everything at a high level, makes all decisions and requests expeditiously and extremely quickly.

We recommend this company as a trusted partner, because the manager fully acquires your wishes, shares his experience and advises you what would suit you best. This is a great choice for comparing value for money. In addition, the company employs people with disabilities.

Vladimir Ščukin

Lietuvos šaulių sąjungos Karininko Antano Juozapavičiaus šaulių 1-oji rinktinė

We have discovered a serious, reliable company JSC “Ūlos juvelyrų studija”, which employs very kind, caring and responsible employees. It is also gratifying that the majority of workers are people with disabilities, a social enterprise. The impeccably implemented solutions, offered by the employees, fully met our expectations and needs. Limited liability company JSC “Ūlos juvelyrų studija” products are characterized by the simplicity and practicality of the original form, creating and producing medals, badges, distinguishing signs of services, state awards, buttons, plakets and other products.

The 1st team of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union Officer Antanas Juozapavičius is grateful “JSC “Ūlos juvelyrų studija” for the professionally performed representational and advertising decisions, recommends to use the professionals of this company.

Skirmantas Valatkevičius
Commander of the team

Manufacturing Finnex, LTD

We have been working with JSC “ŪLOS JUVELYRU STUDIJA” for over 8 years. During the whole period of cooperation, our orders are always fulfilled on time, and the quality of products is only improving every year. A company with which it is pleasant and profitable to conduct joint activity and we consider it one of the most stable partners in the long term.

Andrejs Ukraincevs

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